Queensland Paranormal Investigators has been in operation for the past 6 years, we are a small group of paranormal researchers and investigators who have come together to educate clients, to help them understand and to search for the "truth" in what they may be experiencing in their homes, workplaces etc. We offer professional and confidential assistance to the community who believe they may be experiencing activity.


We pride ourselves on "getting to the bottom of things" with a professional and confidential approach. We use an array of equipment to try and capture evidence. We will not come to your home and try to seek out activity, we try and disprove activity and find a reason for the occurrences. We will review all the evidence and will be able to then come back to you with the evidence, if any, and then discuss our findings with you.


We are here to help you and will do every effort in making you and your family feel comfortable in your home again.